Tips to improve Emotional Intelligence

Tips to improve Emotional Intelligence

Tips to improve Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to be aware of their own emotions and also have the capacity to control, express their emotions and understand others emotions to handle the interpersonal relationships. Emotionally intelligent people have the capacity in identifying their own emotions and applying in their tasks and managing the emotions. A highly emotionally intelligent people are essential for the organization as they can overcome the conflicts and it triggers for effective collaborative workplace. Obviously, emotionally intelligent staff gives increased sales, greater understanding of customer’s needs, higher customer’s satisfaction and productive results.

  1. Creating an emotionally intelligent work place

Educating the benefits of emotional intelligence for the employees and teaching the various instances of emotionally intelligent people who have become success. This would drive the employees to be more self-aware and self-motivated, so that employee’s emotional intelligence are gradually increased.

  1. Recruit highly emotionally intelligent candidates

The HR should be able to select the employees who are emotionally intelligent as it would benefit the organization in the longer run. Questions like testing the level of reasoning, empathy, handling situations, managing emotions, handling conflicts can be posed for the candidates. Their answers would make HR to analyze the candidate’s level of emotional intelligence.

  1. Evaluating the Employees

The employees can be assessed and tested against the emotional intelligence criteria and see who are higher and lower emotionally intelligent employees. The tests of how the employees behave to critical situations and their emotions are noted down for evaluation purpose. After evaluating the emotional intelligence, the employees are rewarded.

  1. Render Training to enhance Emotionally intelligence

Training through conference, workshop, mentoring and hands on training would lead to higher level of emotional quotient. Employees should be trained to handle uncertain situations and take appropriate decisions in difficult situations and also make them personally competent by adapting to complicated circumstances. Mentoring can be done through proper guidance as what are the difficulties that they face in controlling emotions and also in understanding the others emotions. Hands on training can be done by providing few instances in handling the uncertain tasks. And also the significance of emotional intelligence can be given.

Emotionally intelligence helps to make aware as how you are, how you collaborate with each other, how you motivate yourself and others, how to control and react your emotions during conflicts.

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