Low Investment Business Ideas

Low Investment Business Ideas

Low Investment Business Ideas

There are ample opportunities to become professionals by earning quick money with minimal investment. Here is a list of business ideas with minimum finance options, one can start the business and become successful entrepreneurs.

  1. Match Making or Wedding Planner

In today’s scenario, most people rely on match making or wedding planner services for marriages which would foster a good business option. As marriage is an important part of life, people tend to see whether the bride and groom’s horoscope are matched.

  1. Courier Company

Courier Company will be suitable for startup entrepreneurs who are ready to start with minimal investment. You can have tie-up with the existing courier company. There is a huge demand in this sector as today many people send couriers from different locations.

  1. Day Care with Schooling

Daycare with pre nursery can be started as most of the parents are busy at work. A separate room with furniture and toys are needed. This business would reap you more money in a quick manner.

  1. Boutique

A small boutique store with fashion accessories like good clothes, shoes, jewelry can be made. You can buy these items from wholesale market and can do this business. Mostly the youngsters do opt for boutique to shop the fashioned and designed clothes.

  1. Dance Classes

Dance classes can be started at home with no investment and teach the kids. Just a room is required to teach the students. Today’s parents are ready to send their children to learn cultural classes like dance in order to make them competitive.

  1. Knitting and Embroidery Work

This business is a home based business with minimal investment. Mostly women indulge in this sector by collecting clothes from customers and do knitting and embroidery work with attractive designs. This business is a quick income generating in a rapid manner.

  1. Baking and Cooking Classes

Baking and Cooking class is a simple business idea that be done on a home basis. You can conduct classes as how to make cakes, chocolates and other bakery items. A minimum investment is needed to buy food items like sugar flour, chocolate etc.

  1. Pickling and Papad Rolling

This business can be done at home with minimal investment. You have to buy some key ingredients, few workers and electricity for machines is needed to start with it.

  1. Tailoring

Tailoring is an ever booming business which generates more money in festivals and some special occasions. Tailoring machine, tailoring skills to design and a shop are essential to start this business.

  1. Xerox Machine

Staring a small business with a Xerox machine would pave you a best opportunity with low cost investment. You have to rent a shop at a good location and electricity is needed to start your business.










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