Launching a startup in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is situated in the Kingdom of the Netherlands at 52’19N 5’33’E. Although Amsterdam has been recognized as the official capital, the Dutch consider The Hague as the seat of the government.In the recent past, the state has witnessed a drastic growth in the number of Startup in the country.

Guideline to follow while launching a startup in the Netherlands:

To start a new venture in the Netherlands, one must keep in mind various things as the Dutch pride themselves on following rules. This article lists the obligations one needs to follow to ensure one has followed all the rules. Though I have tried my best to list as many regulations as I could, the list is not conclusive. To know about others, do visit the official site.

The List”:

Residence Permit:

The entrepreneurs who want to launch a startup in The Netherlands have to check out whether they are eligible to stay in the state and whether any permits have to be applied for.

The Correct form:

After having ensured that you are indeed permitted to stay, one needs to choose the Legal form to start a new business. The form determines issues such as tax obligations and liability.

Trade name:

Though it may sound obvious, one needs to choose a name for their company and register it in the Trade Register.

Dutch Business Register and Tax Administration:

One needs to register their firm with the Dutch Business Register kept by the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel, KVK), who will forward one’s details to the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration.

Social Security and Payroll Taxes:

To hire staff for the firm one needs to register with the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration as an employer.

Professional Qualifications:

Sometimes it may be necessary to have certain Professional Qualification before the authorities allow one to launch the startup. One needs to find out if one’s firm falls under such purview.

Zoning Plan:

The location of one’s firm plays a pivotal role in deciding the success ratio, so one needs to be extra careful in deciding the location of the business. When establishing a location at a particular spot, one’s choice should be in line with that of the municipal zoning plan. Otherwise one could apply for an All-in-one Permit for Physical Aspects called as “Omgevingsvergunning”.

Environmental Regulations:

If one’s firm is going to affect the environment in any way, one needs to submit a notification to the municipality concerning environmental management.

Fire Safety:

When you occupy an establishment, one needs to take all necessary fire safety precautions. In the majority of the cases, one needs to submit a notification of occupancy o the local municipality.

Create accounts:

As is the case, one incurs expenses when establishing a firm. One needs to retain the records of expenses incurred as one is legally obliged to maintain accounts outlining said expenses and o retain them for seven years.


Insurance is one of the most important safety precaution as it works as a kind of safety net. When one launches a new startup in The Netherlands, one is legally obliged to take health insurance, pay the Dutch national insurance contributions etc. there also exist various ways t insure one’s establishment.

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