Factors influencing Absenteeism

Factors influencing Absenteeism

Absenteeism means absence of an employee from work when he is scheduled to be present at the workplace. In other words, the employees voluntarily are not present at work without valid reason. Without prior permission from the employer, the employee is away from the work even when the worker is aware of the work. The employee fails to report his absence to the employer though he/she is aware of the scheduled work. A prolonged absence from the work place becomes habitual to be non-attendance. Some of the uncontrollable factors for absenteeism are sickness, emergency and accidents. Absenteeism causes a huge cost to the company and so necessary steps has to be taken to make employees to be absent only for genuine reasons.

Factors influencing Absenteeism

  1. Accidents

The absence of the employees occurs due to accidents. The management has to ensure that the workers are adequately trained about the safety procedures and first aid to minimize the accidents. Occupational health services can be initiated in the company for injury or any physical damage.

  1. Sickness

Sickness is one of the causes for absenteeism. Sickness may occur due to stress and health disorders. The symptoms for sickness may be due to over work, lack of training in seating posture and other health problems. The company can render health care benefit options like diagnostic consultation, insurance for medical treatment and other health support.

  1. Negative Work Environment

Negative work environment cause the employee to be absent from the workplace. A negative environment brings frustration among the employees. The employee relations in the work environment like the coworkers, peers, supervisors should have a cordial relationship. Employee’s vacation, pay and perks have to give more consideration by the management.

  1. Personal Hardships

Every employee has personal hardships which has a great influence in the workplace. Personal hardships like family troubles, financial stress, child care, health problems would result in absenteeism. So the company should understand the employee’s hardships and give time to sort out their personal problems in order to make employees to work peacefully at the workplace without absence.

  1. Inflexibility in working hours

Inflexibility in working hours may also result in absenteeism. A good balance between life and work is essential. Option of flexible working would help in reduction of absenteeism. Hence flexible working practices can be made by management to make employees to be present at the workplace.

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