Essential Competencies for HR

Essential Competencies for HR

Competency is a cluster of skills, knowledge, abilities and attributes that are required to perform a job effectively. Competencies focus on organisation’s culture and reflect the organisation’s strategy. Competencies enhance employee performance and result in organisational success. The competencies for HR are analytical and critical thinking, relationship building, strategic positioner, technology proponent and capability builder.

Analytical and Critical Thinking:

Analytical and critical thinking is one of the important skill that are essential for HR. HR has to analyze the critical situations and make good decision based on judgement. HR should be able to take decisions at right time by focusing on critical point of view. Decision regarding the outsourcing of functions, hiring and firing the employees has to be considered by HR.

Relationship building:

Relationship building is an essential criterion for HR as he is responsible to make the employees to collaborate. Interpersonal relationship skills are fundamental to HR manager. He should have good communication and negotiation skills to negotiate the win- win situations for the company and the employees. He should handle the grievances by listening to the needs and requirements of the employees. HR should be able to communicate easily with employees, peers, union leaders and outsourcing providers. HR should be a good mentor in motivating employees to excel the job.

Strategic positioner:

Strategic positioner is the core competency of HR managers. It is HR’s responsibility to understand the business trends like social, economic, environmental, technological and demographic trends and apply these in the business. Hr should frame strategies focusing on the vision of the company and translating the business strategy in to business goals and plans. Technology proponent:

HR professionals have to connect the HR work through Human Resource Information System (HRIS) technology. HRIS has huge implications like benefits, payroll processing, health care funding, record keeping, and other administrative services. HR should be expertise in technology through social networking and be connected between the people within the firm and with the customers outside the firm.

Capability builder:

HR is the capability builder who defines and builds organisational capabilities as what the organisation is good at and excels for. The capability audit would render to build the new ones according to company’s strategic direction. The capabilities include innovation, speed, customer focus, efficiency, and the creation of meaning and purpose at work.

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