Benefits of ESI

Benefits of ESI

Benefits of ESI

ESI provides social security benefits according to individual’s needs and makes a fixed percentage of the worker’s wages and from the employers. There are totally six social security benefits under section 46 of ESIC Act for the welfare of the employees that are listed below:

  1. Medical Benefit

Medical Benefit includes medical care to the insured employee in case of sickness or employment injury. It provides hospitalization by free of cost to insured persons. The total medical care includes medical attendance by doctors, nurses, treatment, drugs, injections and specialist consultations to the insured persons.

  1. Sickness Benefit

Sickness benefits render periodical cash payments to insured persons during certified sickness period. A person who is absent from work on medical grounds and who needs medical treatment are covered under sickness benefit. Around 51% of the average daily wages are paid for 91 days for the insured persons under this sickness benefit. There are temporary sickness benefit, extended sickness benefit and enhanced sickness benefit

  1. Maternity Benefit

Maternity benefits are given for insured women for child birth, miscarriage, premature child birth and other sickness arising out of pregnancy. Full wages are given to the insured women under this benefit and around 12 weeks is given for child birth, 6 weeks for miscarriage and 30 days for sickness arising out of confinement.

  1. Disablement Benefit

Disablement benefit provides cash payment for temporary or permanent disablement due to employment injury and diseases arising out of occupation. The temporary disablement account to 72% of the wages and for total permanent disablement accounts to 72% of the wages as life time pension.

  1. Dependant’s Benefit

This benefit is eligible for the dependants of the insured person due to occurrence of death of employment injury. Pension at the rate of 40% is eligible for women and for daughter or son who is below the age of 18 years. Periodical payments are made for the dependants of the insured person.

  1. Funeral Expenses

Funeral benefit is provision of cash payments of expenses on his funeral arising out of death and is eligible for the insured persons. The benefit is provided only if the amount should not exceed Rs. 2500.

The other benefits include rehabilitation allowance, vocational rehabilitation and medical benefits to retired insured persons and permanent disabled insured persons.

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