7 Startup Marketing Plans

Success of any startup/business completely depends on their marketing strategies.Unfortunately many startup founders have no experience in marketing and some have a little experience in it.Such startups won’t stand for longer periods and results in huge losses.We must say that this as a serious contradiction.There must be a proper planning not only in launching a startup but also in marketing and promoting their startup product,so you all must know about the below marketing techniques before launching a startup or don’t even think of launching a startup.

There are many techniques in marketing but these are the basic and best techniques:

1.Brand Development:


In this competitive tech era branding plays a vital role in any business.Branding your logo,URL e.t.c They must be different from others and they must speak what your startup is about.They must have a attractive look.

You must have a clear idea about your startup product and theme to get the related and attractive URL and logo that gives you a brand image to your startup and they must be creative too.Make a creative logo for your startup that lures the world,your employees and investors from the starting day.

2.Blog Strategy:

Any business must have a successful blog.Since it is the core for communications strategy and modern social marketing strategy you must not leave it.From 2009-2012 respondents % increased from 48%-62% and now you can know the power and use of running a successful blog.

Blog may be considered as your marketing front face and so you should manage your business blogs professionally,attractively and properly . In order to maintain a successful blog you must have skilled writers,editors and there should a proper content that resembles your business.

3.Web Presence:

In this era where social media and digital marketing rules your web presence is as complicated as your business grows.Use a website that works for multiple tasks but even don’t think of having a basic functional website.Also you need to test your website responsiveness for different devices like computers,laptops,tablets,smartphones and all other apple devices.

Always think from customer side not from your side.As much as a customer satisfies then you will be automatically satisfied more than him.

You need a online kit which includes facebook fan page,twitter page,successful rich looking blog,pinterest e.t.c e.t.c and some of the startups require web apps,android and ios apps,facebook apps and lot more apps to satisfy the customers who have variety of mindsets.

4.SEO and Link building:

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and link building plays a vital role in getting traffic for your sites as they rank your site from unknown places to top of the search engines like Google,Bing,Yahoo and more.As you know that the top sites will get the maximum traffic when compared to others.

According to google search engine analysis 90-95% of the traffic goes to the top 1st ranking site and remaining 9-4% goes to the next top 5 sites and remaining 1% to all other ranking sites.So to get traffic to your website you ust rank in top 5 and if possible top 1 place.

It is very hard to beat some other already established startups and for this there are some digital marketing agencies to out rank your websites on top of search engines and promoting your startups.

5.Online Advertising:

Daily we are getting ads on the websites and even facebook too.They are just ads from other startups/business to promote their business.You can promote your startup using online ads like google ads,facebook ads and more.

You can optimize your google or facebook ads for less conversion rate like even 0.01$ per click.For such clicks you will have more traffic for less price.

You can also advertise your startup on some other websites/blogs by placing banner ads.Make sure that the sites are having high authority and heavy traffic so that you can spread your startup easily.Also go for regional preference like if your startup is limited to local then go for local websites and if your startup is country wide try some websites which have traffic from that country itself and get a targeted traffic and target your location, so that there will be no wastage of money…

6.Digital PR and Partnering:

To maintain company’s social media marketing and web presence a partnering and digital pr program is needed to get traffic,partnering and to monitor conversions,online reputation and word of mouth also.

Twitter may be taken as your primary tool but in addition to this there must be another effective Digital PR and Partnering program is needed.

There are some advance digital PR techniques like crowdsourcing word of mouth,viral and more to be used to enhance day to day digital PR and partnering and they are also used to help to drive revenues and for clients.

7.Viral Videos and Guerrilla Marketing:

Making viral videos and Guerrilla Marketing helps you to promote your business and increases word of mouth and raises awareness among the public.This must be done carefully and in case of any mistake they can backfire on you and your business.

There must be a creative and humor in your viral videos and make them with original and creative ideas with best content and production.And they must be produces with less cost with all the above specifications and remember quality is everything.

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