20 Best Small Business Ideas

20 Best Small Business Ideas

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Initiating a small business would not only bring income but also enhance one’s career path and bring robust growth in economy. In today’s arena, it is very easy to start a business as enormous financial support prevails.

  1. Gym or Fitness center

Starting a gym or fitness centre is a good choice for an entrepreneur as there are many people who are obese and needs to make them fit. People tend to routinely spend long time at work, so they need a gym centre to relieve their stress. Particularly, youngsters opt for gym to stay fit, young and healthy.

  1. Interior Decoration

Interior Decoration can be a right choice to initiate a business that can target hotels, cooperate offices, restaurants, spas, art galleries, model homes and marriage halls. Innovative and attractive decoration is mostly preferable by the customers and they are ready to pay a huge amount for a gorgeous decoration.

  1. Tuition Class

Starting a tuition centre is a good idea as education is an essential requirement among the children. Taking classes on particular subjects like Mathematics and English would bring many students in enrollment and also would generate enormous income. Less effort is needed to initiate this business and this can be done at home itself.

  1. Massaging/Spa

Massaging/Spa are a good business opportunity, where the growth rate of this business would be rapid in this current trend. As people are stressful due to office work and household work, massaging act a stress buster and makes them to relax. Focus on market like celebrities, professional athletes and senior citizens.



  1. Catering Services

Catering is a good business opportunity for marriage and party people who require good food and starting this service will be a good idea. Most of the people order foods to catering services for their own events. Person who is expertise in cooking delicious and yummy dishes can go with catering services. This business can be taken as side business as less effort is put as the orders will be seasonal. One can start in home itself provided the needed equipments and essential items are bought.

  1. Computer Trainer

Computer trainer is a demanding opportunity for business as knowing computer is an essential requirement in today’s technological era. People who initiate the business should have technological knowledge and skills and additionally, required certification course or a degree in computer is essential. People who specialize in programming and creating software can target many customers. It is a high profit with low investment business ideas.

  1. Baby Sitting Services

Baby sitting services is specifically suitable for women who are interested to start home based business. Mostly many of the working women would be in need of this service to leave their babies until they are back from work. If you are good at child caring, it is better to start this business as it requires no investment and not seasonal. It is essential to look the kids with more responsibility and patience as kids will be playful and sometimes annoying you. Baby sitters need to be a good entertainer and have a strong desire to handle the kids.

  1. Real Estate Consultant

Real estate is an ever growing and popular business, so starting a consultancy by providing necessary information about buy and sell of the property. This business can be started with no investment. You will act as an intermediary between the property sellers and property buyers and required commission on sales are received on a specified percentage. As a real estate agent, you should be well versed in gaining knowledge of land lord and tenancy laws.



  1. Photography

If you are a good photographer, you can start this business with low cost investment. There is a great demand for professional photographers especially for parties, weddings, birthdays, corporate events and anniversaries. Provided preparation of different catalogues of photos like nature sceneries, animal pictures and attractive pictures can be focused. Requirements like good camera and lenses, memory cards are essential to start this business.

  1. Travel Agency

Travel agency is one of the booming businesses that one can start with lesser investment. One can plan the locations and offers for the tourists. Many have stress at work, and want to spend time in tourism to relax and rejuvenate them. So, this business could be of great importance for them. You should be familiar with specific tourist locations and so that you can attract the clients by explaining the tourism spots.

  1. Recruitment Firm

Starting a recruitment firm is an essential business as many youngsters are jobless and who are in jobs wants to seek right jobs. You can hire right candidates according to client’s requirements. One should be well versed in interviewing candidates with managerial skills and competencies.

  1. Web Designing and Hosting

A web designing and hosting business can be started with profound knowledge of IT tools and programming knowledge is known. As web design is an online business, one can work from anywhere provided a computer and internet access are essential. One can build websites for both local and international clients. Provision of innovative and technological cutting edge designed websites would make you differ from competitors and would generate more income.

  1. Online Blogging

Online blogging has good opportunity if you are interested in online and making content generation. Focusing on particular niche of your interest with passion, talents and skills, you can become an expert. Requirements like laptop and internet access are needed. Your money will be generated based on the visitors who read your blog. This business requires no investment and can be initiated at home easily.

  1. Resume Writer

If you are a good resume writer and have excellent knowledge in designing a resume, this business can be started. Mostly young graduates who look for job needs resume. Good resume writing makes their curriculum vitae an attractive and interesting to read. Laptop or desktop is needed to start this business with low cost investments.

  1. Email Marketing

Email marketing is an emerging and demanding business opportunity in which many small companies tend to outsource their email marketing services. If you are good at designing email templates and producing quality contents, you can opt for this business. Internet and email marketing software are required to start this business. One can operate this business at home itself.

  1. Proofreading and Editing

Proof reading and editing business can be started as a full time or part time home business. It will focus on proof reading editing of books, literature, website contents and articles. Most publishers, corporate bodies need these services. As a proof reader, you should have a good command of English and familiar with grammar. This business requires low cost capital and so this business can be started easily.

  1. Computer Repairs

Repairs of computers are a demanding business opportunity as computer usage is widely used in many corporations. Little capital is enough to repair both laptops and desktops. A certification is essential when your service is rendered to corporate market.

  1. Translator

Translator serves as a demanding business opportunity in today’s scenario. You can translate books into many languages. Provided you are good at translation and languages should be known to you. Apart from books, there will be an option to translate the articles in to their preferred languages. This business can be global as the international clients would require more translations of different languages.

  1. Social Media Expert

If you are a social media expert, there is an ample opportunity to initiate this business. You should be ready to post contents and maintain website pages and lot of followers and fans can make the particular industry popular. Companies would pay you depending on your popularity.

  1. Public Speaking

Becoming a public speaker is essential in current situation as constant motivation and guidance are needed for everyone. If you have knowledge about different topics to speak and also bold to talk with public, this business is an awesome business. You can target the markets like school, clubs, churches, corporate organizations and non-profit organization. Public Speaking would make you popular and bring image among the public.

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